How To Play Golf – Complete Beginner’s Guide

how to play golf
Learning how to play golf is challenging!

Unlike some sports, like football or even tennis, golf has many more things going on. There are the complexities of golf rules, etiquette and handicaps to get your head around, let alone the complicated landscape of learning to actually hit the ball, choose the right golf equipment and find a golf course that you can play at.

In this How To Play Golf guide we have simplified the learning process into three key sections.

Getting Started: In this section we cover all the basics in golf, including a brief snapshot of the history of golf, golf rules, golf etiquette, dress code, rules and handicaps.

Instruction: This section provides practical beginner golf lessons to help you improve your game and drops shots off your handicap. If you are yearning to learn how to smash your drives long and straight, or are looking for effective putting drills to ensure you consistently see away those tricky 3-footers, then this section is for you!

Equipment: This section is dedicated to golf equipment reviews. We cut through all the marketing spin to bring you straightforward and independent reviews that will ensure you make the right buying decision.

How To Play Golf

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