Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set Review

Although many people will not have heard of Knight, the Women’s XV II Complete set should certainly get your attention.

The Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set has been solely designed for women and the technology behind it attests to this. The complete set includes a 460cc graphite Driver, a Fairway Wood, a Hybrid, one Pitching Wedge, four Irons and a heel-toe weighting Putter. The set also comes complete with an attractive cart bag for ease of transportation.

The clubs feature premium graphite and steel shafts for added durability and flexibility which makes getting distance very easy. You’ll also not jar your arm if you hit any shanks. The clubs have a nice feel to them and the weighting is good through the swing. The 460cc forged driver has a graphite shaft that not only ensures durability but also maximum power and flexibility.

The cart bag is a generous size and there are plenty of pockets to keep all of your accessories. The bag doesn’t feel like its made fro the best materials, but it’s certainly okay as a starter. The woods and hybrids also come with nice matching head covers for added protection of the clubs.

Overall a great set for any lady beginning her golfing journey. Lightweight, flexible and easy to generate power and distance.

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Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set Review

The Knight’s XV II Complete Set is an ideal starter kit for woman looking to get into the sport. Their durability, flexibility and power make them a great choice. The bag and head covers are nice touches and you really won’t need anything else before hitting the course. The price is also very low which only adds to theists good points.

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Video Review

Check out this very informative review from Golf Channel.

Pros and Cons

  • Full set specifically designed for woman.
  • 460cc forged driver.
  • Great price.
  • Graphite and steel shafts
  • heel-toe weighting Putter.
  • The bag is not the greatest quality.
  • No 5 or 6 iron included.
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Key Features

Comes with a standard size 460cc forged driver. This driver also has a graphite shaft that not only ensures durability but also that you get maximum power and control.

The Putter in this golf set is a mid-mallet with a heel-toe weighting. Its precision face helps you around the green, particularly on shorter puts.

The set comes with its own cart bag that matches the clubs. The bag itself has plenty of storage space for all of your accessories.

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