Nextt Golf Men’s Voltage Complete 17-Pice Set Review

The Nextt Golf Voltage Set is one the best all-round starter kits for people wanting to get into golf at the right price.

The Nextt Golf Complete Set contains 1 driver, a 3 wood, full set of irons from 5 to pitching wedge, several hybrids and a putter. Also included in the package is a lightweight stand bag and custom fitted head covers for protection.

Using its progressive weighting system, the clubs offer dynamic weight control through its positive placement of weight. This also helps you in achieving exact launch patterns and makes the clubs very forgiving which is great for newbies. In terms of height it really depends what you’re used to, however, I’m 6 foot and the set felt pretty nice. The nano white woods and hybrids worked well and offered large sweet spots. Although you loose a little control, its great for distance and doesn’t jar your arm when you don’t hit it bang out the centre.

The clubs come with all-weather tac grips that stay nice and grippy, even when drizzling. Although the driver is made from graphite, the rest of the clubs are steel. For the price you really can’t go wrong with these clubs. Yes, they’re not pro level, but they do the job effectively.

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Nextt Golf Men’s Voltage Complete Set Review

Overall we were impressed with the Nextt Golf Voltage Set. They have large sweet spots, don’t break the arm and stand up well even for tall people. The tac grips were nice and the custom fitted covers are a nice touch. For the price you really can’t go wrong.

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Video Review

Check out this very informative review from Koralia Nurten.

Pros and Cons

  • Full set including several hybrids.
  • Nano white technology on the woods.
  • Great price
  • Come with all-weather tac grips.
  • The bag is not the greatest quality.
  • Only comes in right handed.
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Key Features

Progressive weighting offers dynamic weight control through positive placement of weight.

Sweet Spot
Large sweet spot. This is great for beginners who often struggle to hit the dead centre. The large sweet spot also softens the blow during a shank.

Lightweight Bag
A nice lightweight stand bag is also included with the set. The bag has several pockets and is light enough to be carried easily.

Tac Grips
Each club comes with an all-weather tac grip. Perfect for grip during moist conditions and helps the grips last longer.

Each club is lightweight which is perfect for beginners. Although you get less control, you’ll get more power.

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