The Definitive Ogio Golf Travel Bag Review

With the SLED design and plenty of storage space, the Ogio Golf Travel Bag is certainly worth trying.

Standing for Structural Load Equalizing Deck, the SLED design is one of the most significant features offered by Ogio which, to put it simply, make it easier to handle and enhances the bags durability. The Ogio travel golf bag is designed with super light weight materials that makes the bag feel light, even when filled with all of your golf equipment. With the SLED design, the weight is uniformly distributed which makes carrying it a breeze! There’s plenty of space in the bag also and you’ll have no trouble fitting all your drinks, phones, tees etc along with your clubs. The jumbo urethane wheels are another excellent feature which allows for easy transportation. The base is also nicely reinforced so nothing breaks.

If you want a bag with tons of space that isn’t too heavy, then the Ogio may just be for you.

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The Definitive Ogio Golf Travel Bag Review

We reviewed the Ogio as part of our Best Golf Travel Bags assessment.

8.5 Total Score
Our Review

If you’re serious about travelling with your golf equipment, then Ogio’s Golf Travel Bag is certainly a worthy contender. The light weight design, colour options, oversized wheels and durable exterior put it near the top of any travel bag list. You’ll fit full size tournament bags inside without even thinking - awesome!

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Pros and Cons

  • The definitive ogio golf travel bag has more than enough space to fit all the travel items from balls to rain gear to clubs. Also has a storage spot for shoes.
  • It weighs only 13.4 lbs, which is really not bad for a bag packed with so many features.
  • The oversized top compartment helps to accomplish protection and thus reduces and chance of damage during transportation.
  • Although good, the SLED design adds to the weight of the bag.
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Key Features

Large Central Compartment
The large compartment can easily take a full sized pro tour bag with clubs and extras. The bag can also be zipped down to take a simple carry bag instead.

SLED Design
SLED (Structural Load Equalizing Deck) system for increased durability and handling. Makes the bag very lightweight and good solid distribution.

Oversized Off-Road Wheels
The jumbo urethane Oversized off-road wheels make the cart easy to pull along on all surfaces. The wheels are eminence free for ease of use.

Tarpaulin Base and Reinforcements
The Tarpaulin base and reinforcements across the bag mean that this is one tough bag! You’ll get plenty of trips out of this bag because of its heavy duty design.

Other Storage Areas
The Ogio Golf Travel Bag has a whole bunch of pockets including a good beverage pocket and storage space for keys, phones etc. With this in mind, you will definitely find space to fit whatever you want.

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