Ping Traverse Golf Bag Review

The Ping Traverse Golf Bag is one of the lightest golf bags on the market featuring a 14 way divider, making it super mobile.

With a total of ten storage pockets, including seven with zips, this bag is not short on storage or space. There is also a nice cooler compartment for your drink. The 14 way divider at the tops makes it easy to separate your clubs and handles are both durable and light. The top is also made from a polypropylene material for maximum durability and also ensures the safety of your club heads.

Made with high quality material, the bag comes with anti-flex properties and an air mesh wall for added ventilation. At just 5.5 lbs, the bag is one of the highest in its category. The molded and recessed bottom of the cart helps it to fit securely on any type of trolley you may own, whether this be motorized or manual. The trolley strap has a unique design and straps the bag securely whilst keeping all the pockets easily accessible.

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Ping Traverse Golf Bag Review

We reviewed the Ping Traverse as part of our Best Cart Bags for Golf review. You can also see our overall assessment of the Best Golf Bags.

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On the whole we would finely recommend this bag, particularly if you struggle with lifting your current one. With its lightweight design, accessible pockets and 14 way mesh divider, you really don’t have to look anywhere else for a cart like it. Fashion lovers will also be pleased as the bag comes in a variety of colours. And the best bit is that it’s not even that expensive!

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Video Review

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Pros and Cons

  • The bag is super lightweight for its class at just 5.5 lbs
  • There are a variety of colour to choose from
  • It’s 10 pockets are extremely helpful in keeping things organized and easily accessible.
  • The bag also has an insulated side beverage pocket which can be easily accessed.
  • The bag is very sturdy with well made materials.
  • Although the cushion dividers at the top are useful, they do not extend throughout the bag.
  • The zippers are only made from plastic
    • The air mesh netting is not that durable
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    Key Features

    At just 5.5 lbs, this bag is one of the lightest on the market and make lugging it around the course very easy.

    The unique strap design and folded bottom make this bag very easy to use on most carts, including motorised and push carts.

    14-Way Top Divider
    The 14-Way top divider is designed in a way that makes accessing the clubs very easy. Although it does not run all the way through the bag, the dividers certainly do their job.

    Durable Construction
    The bag is very well made with durable materials which means you’ll have a hard time breaking it! You can literally chuck this bag in the boot without fearing damage.

    Other Storage Areas
    The Ping Traverse Golf Bag has in total 10 pockets, all of which are have great space. Three of these are zipper compartments for added safety. There is also a cooler compartment for drinks and an umbrella sleeve.

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