Wilson Profile HD Complete Package Golf Set Review

A classic among Wilson complete sets is the Wilson Profile HL Complete Package Golf Set.

However, time marches on, and it is the Wilson Profile XD Men’s Complete Set which has taken the market by storm this year.

Wilson’s reputation in this particular niche is surpassed by few, if any, and their levels of innovation when it comes to forgiving clubs geared towards game improvers consistently raise the bar. They also have a knack for doing it at a competitive price too.

Incidentally, the most alike predecessor of this particular combination is the Wilson Men’s 2015 Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set, which made its name by virtue of high-quality stainless steel irons. The Men’s Profile XD Set comes with some notable enhancements though, which we discuss in greater detail below.

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Wilson 2017 Profile XD Men’s Complete Set Review

The Wilson 2017 Profile XD Men’s Complete Set has a forged Titanium composite 460cc driver, a fairway wood with a low-placed weight, a high-launch hybrid, stainless steel irons (6-SW) and a heel-toe weighted putter. It also comes with a lightweight carry bag.

As for our British readers, unfortunately it is not shipped to the UK at the time of writing. Watch this space though, as this could change in the not-too-distant future.

We reviewed the Wilson XD set as part of our Best Golf Clubs for Beginners article. You may also want to check out our review of the Wilson Ultra complete set and the Callaway Strata golf set.

Our Assessment

9 Total Score
Overall User Experience

Once again, Wilson have got it absolutely spot on with the irons in this set. There isn’t a lot in it between these and the 2015 Profile XLS irons, other than the fact that they are that bit more forgiving. But there’s just enough going for these irons that you’re able to feel the difference, and they underscore the quality of the set as a whole. That said, the driver is an equally excellent piece of merchandise, which will guarantee you extra distance. Two small criticisms would be with regard to the fact that they have done away with the 5-iron, which doesn’t help with gapping between 6-iron and hybrid. Also, the woodcovers, frankly, look a little bit cheap. However, the fairway wood is easy to hit, the hybrid even easier to hit, and the putter lines up beautifully. And, to top it off, the bag is probably the best we’ve seen among Wilson complete sets. This really is a good choice of set for beginners who are looking to make a step up.

Build Quality
Design and Appearance
Control and Feel
Value for Money
User Rating: 2.74 (93 votes)

Pros and Cons

  • Length of the clubs can be custom fitted to suit your height
  • Quality stainless steel irons also have extreme perimeter weighting to boost forgiveness
  • The sweet spot on the driver is very large, with a good injection of distance too
  • Both fairway wood and hybrid are very user-friendly, with low-placed weighting in the former and high-launch technology in the latter
  • The gap between hybrid and 6-iron is noticeable
  • The price isn’t unreasonable, but it isn’t exactly a bargain either

What’s inside the bag? Features & Accessories

Driver: The driver is a gem of a club, which is both forgiving and generates significant distance. On one hand, the power weighting technology and aerodynamic design stimulate a focus on greater swing speeds. But it is the forged titanium composite 460cc head which really gives it that extra beef. It wasn’t just the good shots that went far when we trialled it – the mishits went miles too. This club is going to make a lot of newbies very happy indeed.

Fairway wood and hybrid: As someone who tends to struggle with fairway woods, I’m often very critical. But this particular club has exceptional playability, thanks in large part to a low-placed weight. This helps with both launch and forgiveness, but the clubhead is nifty enough that negotiating tricky lies isn’t a problem. The hybrid is equally impressive, with the most obvious feature being the high-launch trajectory. Yet while it is easy to get the ball up into the air, I was impressed that it didn’t balloon at all, which some hybrids are prone to doing.

Irons: Wilson have built on their market-leading stainless steel, cavity-back design with a 6-SW set which exudes quality and power. However, by incorporating extreme perimeter weighting, there’s a mighty sweet spot too, and these are about as forgiving as you’ll get in terms of irons. But they’ve also done some good work with the wedges. The enhanced spin technology of the pitching wedge gives you extra control with approach shots, while the wide-soled, super-low-weight sand wedge delivers the loft you need to get out of those pesky bunkers, whilst also delivering the finesse you need around the greens.

Putter: The putter is quite light, although we thought it had excellent balance. Heel-toe weighted putters aren’t for everyone, but we had no complaints in terms of bounce off the face, ball speed and stability during the stroke. The putter earns its keep with alignment though – squaring up the lines gives you the ideal reference. All that needs doing is to read the break correctly!

Bag and Accessories: We were really taken by this carry bag, which is both lightweight and made of solid materials. A number of people have complained about the durability of previous Wilson bags, but this is a marked improvement. There is plenty of storage too, with a full-length apparel pocket, and numerous other pockets to house your balls and accessories. It’s cart-friendly too, but for those who still fancy carrying, it comes with a double-padded shoulder strap to help you lug it around.
As we’ve said above, we weren’t too enamoured with the headcovers, but that’s about the only hole we can poke. The bag is a clean design, with all the accessories and versatility needed to satisfy the masses.

Why should you buy the Wilson 2017 Profile XD Men’s Complete Golf Club Set?

One of the criteria we’ve pondered is price. Does $280 to $300 represent good value for clubs which are similar to previous models? More and more, we think it’s a yes. For a complete set which is hot off the press, we think Wilson have come in reasonably here. At every level, the Profile XDs represent a step up in quality, and this is an investment which will not only be an enduring one, but also remain relevant as your handicap begins to chip away. In fact, this equipment will help you get there!

The irons are probably the biggest shining light of all, although the driver, fairway wood and hybrid are just as enticing.

You’ll also have the opportunity to customise the lengths of these clubs, which rather epitomises the versatility of this set as a whole. It covers every base, scores strongly in the categories that matter most, and it’s delivered by one of the most established game-improvement brands in the business. If that isn’t a compelling enough set of reasons to give the Wilson 2017 Profile XD Men’s Complete Set a test drive, I don’t know what is!

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